Flexing My Manga Muscle

First of all, for those of you who don’t know, because I sure didn’t, manga are Japanese comic books.  They have a very distinct style related to Japanese animation (anime).  For someone who didn’t even know what manga was, or was ever into anime, it’s funny that drawing in this style has brought me so much joy.  I owe all the practice I’ve gotten to two books:

Manga Mania – Occult and Horror, by Christopher Hart

The Monster Book of Manga – Boys, edited by Ikari Studio

I could probably use more books for reference and practice, but honestly, there is so much material in just these two books that has kept me so busy over the past year.  I picked them up at a steal when Border’s was going out of business.  It was one of the last days before this particular location closed, and the shelves were bare bones, save for the paperback romance section.  These two large gorgeous books were sitting all by their lonesome on the shelf and peaked my curiosity.

I’ve had so much fun drawing and sharing the work I did from these books.  Some of the drawings turned out very much the originals.  Others, with slight variations.  For a couple of them, I changed the characters to resemble some of my favorite characters from TV shows or movies.  Because of copyright laws, I am unable to sell these drawings.  But some of them I have decided to give to friends as gifts and thank you’s for supporting my work.

I have been humbled and surprised by the amount of positive feedback I’ve gotten from what I have shared so far on facebook.  As I rely less on the books to help me in the drawing process and more on my natural artistic inclination, I can see the manga-style fading slightly.  I’m coming into my own.  The drawings don’t look as sleek and polished and that’s okay.  I’m looking forward to seeing my own style develop and improve as I continue with The Sick Rose.

Thank you for reading.

“Occult Cat Girl” drawn from Manga Mania – Occult and Horror by Christopher Hart


2 thoughts on “Flexing My Manga Muscle

  1. Interesting. Oftentimes the greatest satisfactions in life begin with a serendipitous experience such as seeing those two book when you did

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