Out of nowhere a man approached the two sitting at the bar and squeezed in between them in a haze of stale beer breath. “Joel Roland! I haven’t seen you in, what, ten years!” The drunk man busted out laughing and smacked Joel harder than necessary on the back. “And woah, look at the hottie. Don’t waste your time honey, Joel has a tiny penis. Now me on the other hand…”

Joel’s eyes widened in shock. He cleared his throat as loud as he could over the commotion, “Uh, who are you here with Rob?” He leaned into Elend dislodging Rob from in between the two of them. “Rob and I went to college together.”

“Yeah,” Rob squeezed in again, “Where have you been man? I haven’t seen you in forever.”

Elend tried to maintain a neutral expression on her face while the intoxicated man swayed back and forth in front of her. No amount of cheap beer and shots could mask the fact that this man’s blood was ripe. He was, at age 34, a virgin. The rareness and potency of that caused a hunger to unfold inside her. All other sounds, smells, people in the bar faded into the background. A sudden case of tunnel vision gave way.

It would be so easy to choke him around the throat one-handed right then and there until he passed out and ceased his blathering. The brain may not have enough oxygen, but the virgin blood would still be fresh. And with just enough BAC in it commingling with the alcohol already in her system, it would keep her from offing Joel as well. She would be satiated and content enough to continue the small talk with this pathetic, lonely, yet strangely attractive man journaling in a dive bar.


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