The Sick Shoppe And October Announcements

Last night I opened a web store for The Sick Rose merchandise!  There are only three items in the store right now, but there will be more to come including T-shirts and autographed glossy prints!  🙂

You may purchase The Sick Rose magnet or one of these tote bags today!

I am also pleased to announce that I’ve reached 69 fans on facebook!  This is pretty remarkable considering that it hasn’t even been a month yet, and it’s been word of mouth.  Remember to join The Sick Rose Facebook Fan Page if you haven’t yet:  I like to do fan giveaways on the facebook page!

I have also had my first official mail order, in-person, and online customers!  A special thank you to those three individuals.  Buying SR merchandise not only makes you look cool but helps me to reach potential fans.

Coming this month there will be a fundraising page for The Sick Rose and guest bloggers.  And of course, more illustrations and the next chapter from the story that you already love!

Thank you for reading, supporting this project, and making it more than I ever thought it could be!  ❤ RC


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