Bitemarks and Bloodstains

Poetry by Diana Muniz

Meaningless words: ‘Til death do us part
Swallowing hard he takes her hand, approaches the altar
And they
wait outside
under the moonlight sky, at the cemetery gates

He betrayed them
asking a mortal to become his bride
She steps, pale, asleep down the aisle, wearing the shade of purity
He kisses her neck, her mouth opens, letting out a scream

He knew he couldn’t hide her for long
He lifts her veil, brushes a tear off her cheek
For his punishment, they’ll steal her body
Their insomniatic meat

The white dress is stained, she clutches her neck
Make her one of us or suffer her death for eternity
She can’t close her eyes
Forever awake
She walks by his side, at last, Creature and Wife

This artwork is not mine and is the property of the artist who signed it.  No copyright infringement intended.  I found this image on, and it is just too beautiful not to share!


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