Geek Moment: Christopher Hart Responds To My Facebook Post

Depending on how thorough you’ve read this blog, you may or may not know that I’ve only been drawing in the “manga” (Japanese comic book) style for about a year.  I owe a lot of what I learned to the artist Christopher Hart, the author of one of my How To Draw books.  His beautiful illustrations are what attracted me to start drawing in this fashion and to just start drawing again period.  The illustrations for The Sick Rose are heavily influenced by what I’ve gotten from his book, “Manga Mania Occult & Horror: How to Draw the Elegant and Seductive Characters of the Dark.”

“Occult Cat Girl”  One of my favorites drawn from Christopher Hart’s book

So just out of curiosity I decided to look him up on facebook.  I found his facebook fan page and left him a comment.  I wasn’t expecting him to get back to me at all and so quickly at that!  Here’s what he said!  (Click on image to enlarge.)

Not only is the guy extremely talented and helpful to me and so many others, he’s super humble about it!  What an awesome and inspiring thing for him to say!

UPDATES:  I’m busy wrapping up the first chapter of The Sick Rose.  There will be two more entries of text of the story along with illustrations.  After that, a new chapter will begin and you will meet new characters!  I’m contemplating doing a November Novel Writing Challenge to help me get caught up on the writing of the story since most of it I started writing two years ago and a lot of the story still needs to be fleshed out and is waiting patiently in my head for that to happen.  I still intend to draw and upload the story as I have been, but the story posts probably won’t be as frequent for the month of November.

Also, I’m doing a contest for a FREE SICK ROSE LARGE TOTE BAG on the Facebook fan page right now.  So if you aren’t a fan yet there, you should fix that!  I’ll be picking a winner at random tomorrow!


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