Season Of The Vampire 20% OFF SALE at The Sick Shoppe!

Hullo, I’m having a sale on all Sick Rose merchandise at The Sick Shoppe now through this weekend in celebration of Halloween and this season of the vampire!  Use coupon code HALLOWEEN at check out.  20% off everything!

Buying SR merchandise makes you look cool and supports my blog, my artwork, my dreams.  Even purchasing one magnet would help me continue to do all this neat stuff:

– Make prints of my artwork available for sale

– Make prints and merchandise available for fan giveaways and charity raffles

– Cover the cost of packing, shipping and postage

– Registration/table fees for appearances at comic book conventions

– Promotional materials including posters, banners, flyers, business cards and info cards to get the word out on my blog

– India ink pens, drawing pencils, paper, and other materials used to create the artwork for the blog

– Updating my seven-year-old, obsolete computer tower (No more lagging or freezing problems while illustrating!)

Thank you for supporting me and Happy Halloween!


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