Nanowrimo Recap

Now that I’ve had a couple of days to breathe, I wanted to share a little more about my epic novel writing month of November…

After almost an entire month of playing catch-up (even though I had about a two day head start) I finally broke par on the day before the challenge ended.

Look at how I came up from behind and took this thing!

I really wanted to avoid writing a paranormal romance novel, but it was kind of unavoidable.  I’m hoping that I added enough history, war, action, and blood to keep the boys interested.  But there are at least four different love stories woven throughout the novel.  It’s like the Love Actually of vampire stories.

The entire 50,000+ words will be safe inside this tiny yet mighty penguin!

I ended up introducing new characters that I hadn’t previously thought up before I took on the challenge.   I’m looking forward to developing them more through the graphic series or sequels to the novel.  My favorite new character is Dr. Lukas Torian, a Swiss renaissance alchemist, based on the real life physician, Philippus Paracelsus (1493-1541).

  My library haul over the course of November

I was worried about feeling something like a Post-Nanowrimo depression, but honestly, I have so much still to do that hopefully I’ll be able to dodge it.  So what’s next?  I have two commissioned drawings to finish, I need to get back to uploading The Sick Rose Graphic Series to this blog (I have so much new material to work with!), and new merchandise photos to upload to the web store.  Oh yeah, and I have a rough draft of a manuscript to clean up too!  😉


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