Good Day Sunshine

The most recent assignment from the creative writing club I belong to:

Take the title of a happy/upbeat song and write a short, horror/crime/dark inspired poem or short (scene, few paragraphs) story about it.

I chose “Good Day Sunshine” by The Beatles…

The steam rising up off the grass wasn’t from the morning’s dew

The revolver fell to the pavement with a metallic thud

He placed his fingers to the side of his neck where they slid through red


He looked at his hand.

The blood on the ground, on the gun, on his hands

Was his own.


Less than 24 hours ago,

he had found his old man’s dusty gun case

No one ever showed him how to use it

His desperation would be his teacher

For he knew it was loaded

Just as his system was loaded adrenaline


He wasn’t sure if any of the bullets fired

hit the man

No, not a man

He lost count of how many times

The vampire bit him.


He collapsed in the grass next to the carbonized body

looking up towards the sun rising now even higher in the sky

he squinted his green eyes.

And understood why ancient civilizations

worshiped the sun as if it were a god



He regained consciousness inside a hospital room

And sat up off of the bed.

It was well past noon.

He was told the paramedics found him

in the grass



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