The ice cracked in the glass of Elend’s drink that Joel was watching, waiting for her return. The jukebox was now silent and the bar seemed deserted. Joel glanced around and sighed to himself, “She probably snuck out the back. Who am I kidding? She isn’t coming back. The story of my life. Oh, well.” Joel opened his journal and again began to write.

“Where’d that charming friend of yours go?”

Damn, she had the most melodic voice. Joel got a case of the warm fuzzies in his chest and thought he’d better man up real quick. It was silly of him to let a woman he had just met make him so excited. He also didn’t want to show the surprise and delight he felt that she had returned.  “What took you so long?” He summoned a non-chalant tone. “Did you fall in?”

It took Elend a moment to remember that she was supposedly using the bathroom despite not physically having that sort of urge in centuries. Perhaps the little impromptu snack she had sidetracked her as well. “Oh, heh,” she laughed nervously. “No, I had to make a phone call.”

“That’s interesting. I do too. What is your number, Elend?” Joel paused. He couldn’t figure out where he had suddenly gotten the confidence. Perhaps her return to him was enough to lay it all out on the line. I kind of really want to take you out sometime.”



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