Camp Nanowrimo: The Sequel & Chibi Fun

Been enjoying my break from writing but excited to get back into it when Camp Nanowrimo starts back up in July.  I registered today with the same word count goal of 10,000 as I did back in April.  This seemed like it worked as a reasonable word count goal taking into consideration all of the editing and slashing I did of the manuscript while still adding new material.  They have increased the number of writers per cabin from six to eight.  I made my preferences for cabin mates less specific in hopes that I will be matched with some more active cabin mates.

My friends Celena and Ben are also getting married next month!  They asked some of their artsy friends if they would be interested in contributing a page for a kids coloring book that will be available at the family-friendly reception.  Here is my tokidoki-inspired chibi-style version of them for the coloring book!

I hope everyone has a nice summer!


3 thoughts on “Camp Nanowrimo: The Sequel & Chibi Fun

  1. Hey. I’m one of your cabin mates for July. Thought I’d drop over and visit your page. What a COOL idea for a wedding! Love your artwork and best wishes on your writing goals 🙂

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