Happy Birthday, Dark Shadows!

After my obsession with “Bonanza”, but before my obsession with “Magnum P.I”, was my obsession with the retro gothic soap opera “Dark Shadows”.  And although I am no longer watching the show regularly, without Netflix access and frustrating check out times at the library, needless to say it is still a huge influence on  me and The Sick Rose.

Who knows how long the idea had been rattling around in producer, Dan Curtis’ head (I think it was years) but Dark Shadows made its debut on this day, June 27th in 1966, on ABC.  The budget was low, but the writing and acting were fabulous.  There was always some supernatural shenanigans going on with the Collins family.  I also read somewhere that the vampire character, Barabas Collins, was the first official portrayal of the “sympathetic vampire”, turning a horror figure into a romantic icon that is still popular today in the Twilight series, Vampire Diaries, and True Blood…and well, The Sick Rose of course!

Here is my Barnabas chibi

There’s a lot I could say about Dark Shadows, including how I got into the TV show, my experience at a Dark Shadows convention meeting some of the cast, my collectibles and more but I will save that for a later post!


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