My Postmortem Props to the Art and Inspiration of Vampire Wars

I found out a little late but since I’ve been working on writing The Sick Rose novel, I’ve been reflecting on the beginnings of my story and how I got my ideas, inspiration to start writing, etc.  The late facebook game, Vampire Wars by Zynga, was a huge inspiration for the main characters of my story.  I went back to check it out recently and found that it is no more.  And has been no more since December 2012.

I can see why the game didn’t make it, some of the reasons nicely described in this review, but looking back over the artwork from the game (which I’m grateful is still available around the internet) I can see why it got wheels spinning in my head and was more than virtual paper dolls.  Dressing up my avatar was the best part!

Unfortunately, I can’t find much info online about the artists from the game.  The only thing I found was the name Dimpalkumar Maisuriya credited as pricipal artist at Zynga with some behind the scenes concept art from Vampire Wars.

Before The Sick Rose I was playing around with a steampunk idea:

steampunk elend

“On her quest to collect more red devil’s hides to bring to The Artisans in order to craft her a new set of wings, Elend Arcana’s airship crashed in the swamps of Pantanal, Brazil.”  January 11, 2011

steampunk elend sketch (2)

I even drew a picture of her!  This was before I started drawing manga.

More gorgeous art from Vampire Wars…



Rada_Loa“Rada Loa”

“Satanic Seduction” – Isn’t this one appropriate?  One would think I got the idea for the name of my story from it, but no.  How I got the idea for the title “The Sick Rose” in a later post!

More artwork from and information about the game can be found here.


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