Camp Nanowrimo July Review and Vampiress Charlize Theron

July writing camp ended last week and I did it again!!!  Another 10,000 words (my word count goal for the month) have been added to the draft of the novel, The Sick Rose.  It is currently over 70,000 words and 200 pages!  I don’t think it would have been possible without Nanowrimo and Camp Nanowrimo as a motivating force.  I never would have thought I was capable of writing on this grand scale before.

Click here to see my final stats!

My camp cabin, consisting of seven other writers, were slightly more chatty this time around.  I don’t see a point in having a cabin if the writers aren’t interacting with each other and offering each other encouragement and support.  I might as well be flying solo like I was during Nanowrimo last November.  And I can’t believe November is going to be here before we know it!  In a perfect universe book one of The Sick Rose novel could be finished and I could be working on the sequel.  I have a ton of notes and character development that could spill over to a series.

My focus this month was finishing up the happenings during Elend Arcana’s childhood as well as her time in the Swiss Renaissance.  I’ve also filled in the ending more and am currently working with a great cliffhanger that will segue nicely into the sequel.  Writing was the hardest this month because the book is coming to an end.  It seemed much easier when the idea was fresh and the word count goal was 50,000.  I had to stop myself from criticizing and deleting my previous work and just focus on filling in the gaps in the plot.  Between the drama dying down in the story and drama being stirred up in real life, writing in July was like pulling teeth.  But I persevered!

As far as drawing goes, I’ve been struggling.  I’m grateful that Christopher Hart, who’s helping me learn how to draw manga through his books and online tutorials, is so interactive with his followers.  He’s begun posting drawing assignments and contests which may keep me drawing even if it’s not for The Sick Rose story.  I’ve been frustrated with the old computer that I use for coloring my drawings.  It’s ridiculously slow and eight years old.  I was hoping to pick up some authentic manga techniques to do the color on paper.  I’d probably be more comfortable doing my art the old school way and then it just being a matter of scanning and uploading the finished product.

I also accidentally discovered (via good ol’ facebook feed) who modeled for Vampire Wars’ character Rada Loa…



Speaking of facebook, do you think we can get me to 100 fans?  Please, and thank you!  😉


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