Neoclassical Darkwave and William Blake’s Poem

Elend ArcanaNext month this blog turns one year old.  That’s crazy!  I wish I would have been more active with it, but it’s not too late to start posting more.  The book I’m reading, “The Essential Guide To Getting Your Book Published”, really emphasizes the importance of building an online following, especially starting the year before the book drops.  I started doing that on my own, but I need to get serious about it.  Selling myself isn’t one of my strong points, so I think this is a case of “fake it ’til you make it”.  I have to do it.  For the book’s sake.  For this blog’s sake.

I’ve also accidentally discovered that just carrying around this awesome book makes for a great conversation starter that leads to networking opportunities.  I’m surprised and delighted to find vampire fans in the unlikeliest of places.  I get to tell them about what I’m doing and learn about what they’re reading and who their favorite authors are.

What I wanted to share about today is how The Sick Rose got it’s name.  When I started writing the story in the wee small hours of the morning during the summer of 2010, I was listening to a lot of neoclassical darkwave music on radio.  The song, “The Sick Rose” by The Protagonist came on and the words, I felt, suited the main character of my story, Elend Arcana, whose name was also the result of a nod to two of my favorite bands of the aforementioned genre.  I later found out that “The Sick Rose” was the title of a poem by William Blake.  I did a little online research to find out what the scholarly interpretation of the poem was that seemed to fit the tale of my beautiful alcoholic vampire so well.  I came up with interpretations involving an unfaithful lover, a diseased woman,  a prostitute, or a combination of all or some of the above.  Although there is no mention of a vampire, these interpretations could also refer to a vampire as a diseased soul and a prostitute for blood.

The song that started it all…

Make sure to follow me here and on facebook.  I will be doing two giveaways to celebrate The Sick Rose’s official birthday next month!


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