Mysterious Mourner in the Swiss Renaissance

I felt like catching up on some coloring and also wanted to try to sketch someone different from The Sick Rose story.

Human or Vampire?

A male figure wears a long-sleeved robe worn by mourners at funerals in the 16th century.  The hood pulled over the face was separate and often had a long liripipe (I had to look it up so that I knew how to draw it).  This will be worn by one of the main characters of my story, who has yet to be introduced on the blog.  Remember that Chapter One has already been posted!  I may be adding an illustration here or there to complete it.

Here is another example of a drawing I did out of one of Christopher Hart’s books with coloring on the computer and color done by hand so you can see the difference. vs. hand coloring

I thought I would try hand coloring the illustrations instead of using the computer.  I had hoped that it would be easier and offer me more control doing it the old-school way, which in turn would help me update the blog faster.  The paper and some of the markers I’m currently using aren’t of the greatest quality, and my assortment of marker colors is limited.  Coloring by hand will require more practice on my part as well.

The Sick Rose Chapter One Playlist


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