Drawing Contest and Character Study: Aerik

I saw on Christopher Hart’s facebook page that he is having another drawing contest.  I haven’t entered before but have enjoyed doing some of his drawing exercises on the page and sharing them with other artists.  I’m using the contest as an excuse to practice drawing Aerik Arcana, one of the main characters from my story, The Sick Rose.

I know the deadline is only two days away and I have yet to do the 3/4 view.  I saved the hardest for last!  I hope I finish in time, but if not, I was able to complete a side view drawing and color to go with the front view I created in 2012.

Contest rules are as follows:


START DATE: February 1, 2014
DEADLINE FOR ENTREES: February 7, 2014

There is now a new drawing contest on the first of every month – with prizes for the winner & runner-up. Get your work seen by other artists. Receive comments on your work, and post comments on others’ work. 

The contest guidelines (below) will be re-posted every day, so you can enter at any time until the deadline. At the same time, I will also continue my daily posts on other topics. I hope you’ll join me for the contest, and for the daily topics.

FIRST PRIZE: A signed copy of one of my How-To-Draw books.

SECOND PRIZE: A free copy of one of my books.

THE THEME: Head “Turnarounds.” Take an ORIGINAL character, and draw it in a front view, side view and 3/4 view. The point is to be able to recreate the look of the character, and its expression, at any angle. This is a key to character design, and this contest is designed to get you thinking along these lines.


1) If you won a book in the previous contest, you have to wait until the next contest to enter.
2) One submission per person
3) Any style, manga, cartoons, comics, realism, fantasy, etc.
4) Black & white or color is fine
5) Post it to my wall
6) Have fun! And remember, if you don’t win this time, there’s a new contest every month! 

Aerik’s last name is taken from one of my favorite neoclassical darkwave bands.  This is my favorite type of music to write to.


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