Character Study: King Arcanum of Numidia

The Sick Rose saga actually begins back in ancient North Africa.  I’m getting mixed feedback on whether or not it’s a good idea to make such a leap from a present day setting back to this time period in the novel.  I assure you it is all interrelated, but it does bring the flow of the opening story to an abrupt halt while completely switching gears to new characters.

Again, I am thankful that this is a work of fiction because the time period I’m looking at is about 200 BCE.  It takes place in a territory in North Africa called Numidia which was located along the Mediterranean sea.  Little information is available about Numidian culture due to the amount of war and fallen kingdoms and civilizations at that time.  I’ve read that as the Romans conquered territories, they frequently adopted aspects of the cultures they destroyed which offers me some ideas.  I’m also looking at Greece and Egypt as cultural influences on Numidia.  It was not until later on that Middle Eastern cultures migrated west into North Africa, where modern day Tunisia is located today.

King Arcanum color small

King Arcanum

I didn’t win anything in the drawing contest or even make it to the honorable mentions, but I’m grateful for the fire it lit within me for a spell. I’ve put out some great work over the past week, stuff that has even surprised myself. And that’s what it’s all about to me. Whatever creative pursuit I’m entertaining at the moment, when I make it about anybody else, or worry too much about the finished project, mine or others expectations, or make it a responsibility, I know I’m stuck. Staying present in the creative process, I am free.


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