Now with illustrations!

The Sick Rose Vampires

He was a gentleman too!

Ashley exited the bar and turned right, heading towards the side of the building. She could feel the presence of his large frame behind her the whole time. She was overwhelmed with a feeling of safety from his nearness. Leaning up against the brick wall, she pulled a lighter out of her jean pocket and lit the cigarette that she had tucked behind her ear. Inhaling deeply she studied Aerik, who was now standing about six feet in front of her. He was much taller than Ashley’s five-foot-seven. He was also rather broad and fit. Neither of which Ashley could claim for herself. She was rather thin, almost appearing malnourished to those who didn’t know better. The stress of being a single mother, working two jobs, and copious amounts of nicotine kept her that way.

While Ashley was busy looking him up and down, Aerik…

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