Throwback Thursday (A Day Early) #tbt

Gotta keep you guys entertained while I finish wrapping up Book I of The Sick Rose.  It will be the first print version of The Sick Rose and includes the story and drawings from the blog with brand new drawings  and a spanking new fancy cover hand-colored by me!  I’m about three drawing away from done and enlisting the help of my proofreaders now.

In the meantime while going through my old things I found copies of my first ever printed comic that I did for a project in Studio Art class senior year of high school.  A few of you will remember it well.  It was based on my group of friends and a day in the life at our high school.  I had fun reading it again and was impressed by the quality.  I hope I can live up to those standards 15 years later with The Sick Rose.

Wow!  15 years!  I can’t believe it.

And, a funny page from inside…

Drawing the Abercrombie Alliance got old fast!  lol

I will later post some pictures of the first ever comic I drew (that was never printed) when I do a post on passive-aggresive bullying.  :/

Check back later for teasers from the new book and more information on the release date, and please subscribe!  🙂


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