A Special Acknowledgement

There is someone very important whom I forgot to include in the acknowledgements section of my first published book, Blood & Alcohol. That certain someone is my cat Colby. Younger adopted brother to his older sister Clementine, both are orange short-haired tabbies. Colby is eight years old.

Colby was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease over the summer.  This diagnosis means that his kidneys are gradually failing and he needs prescription food and regular fluid injections.  Because the kidneys aren’t functioning properly, he becomes easily dehydrated which is why the injections are required to keep him going.  The special food is lower in phosphorous and proteins, lessening the burden on the kidneys.  The goal at this point is to keep the kidneys working for as long as we can.  The disease is progressive and there is no cure.

Between the vet visits, special food, and IV fluid supplies, managing Colby’s illness has become an added expense reaching far outside of my usual budget.  It has taken it’s toll not only financially but emotionally as well.  Spending extra time at home, not knowing how long I have left with him, gave me another reason to stay focused on working on the book.  What I did know is that when I finished Blood & Alcohol, any royalties I received would go towards helping Colby.

If you have been considering buying this book please remember that the royalties are going to a good cause, and my little buddy Colby is part of the reason why Blood & Alcohol got finished in the first place.  We would also greatly appreciate it if you purchased directly from me or the publishing company, Createspace.  Wherever you get the book, please be sure to head to Amazon to rate it or leave a review!  We would like to thank everyone who has already picked up Blood & Alcohol and all the folks who inquired about Colby’s condition with caring and concern along the way.  We would also like to express our deepest gratitude towards my mom (Colby’s grandma)!  🙂

You can learn more about kidney disease in cats here and here.


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