Colby Update

You guys! I am so happy right now!! Colby’s vet visit today went really well. He didn’t even scream as loud as he usually does on the ride in. His BUN and creatinine numbers were BOTH down from last time, and the doctor said his hydration looked good. I got the okay to come back in two months because I’m doing such a good job taking care of him at home! They injected his fluids for me today for no extra charge to give me a break for the next couple of days, so now we get to just cuddle, and I don’t have to poke him with a needle. With the blood work and supplies I need for at home care, today’s bill came to $93.44. Thank you everyone who bought my book which is helping to save my son. And if you haven’t gotten it yet, please get at me to buy a copy too!

A Special Acknowledgement


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