Book Signing and DrawMo November Recap

November was a great month for me!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the X-trava Con Comic Book & Toy Show and took advantage of the $8 “Black Sunday” special on my book!  We had a great time and I made some new friends.  Welcome to my new readers Fran, Betty, Troy, Jody, Duane, Terry, and Mark (I am pleased to now say I have an international fan)! 🙂 I would also like to give a shout out to Roger from The Collector’s Zone in Jackson, MI.  Although I do not plan on having a table for the month of December, I may still come to hang out.  There was also a vendor interested in purchasing some original artwork of mine.  I do plan on doing the big show in May.

DrawMo, my self-imposed month of drawing as an alternative to NaNoWriMo, wasn’t as productive as I would have hoped.  It started off fairly strong, but then all that drawing energy went into planning for my book signing and playing Zelda.  :/  oops!  It’s okay.  My favorite drawing for the month would have to be my Hulk.  I modeled him after a manga style sumo wrestler (but put him on a diet).  I would like to try more superheros in the future.

hulk small

More and more people are asking when Book II of The Sick Rose Vampires is coming out.  I am tentatively and vaguely saying “early 2015” because I have a lot of drawing to do.  January, February, March?

How did everyone’s NaNoWriMo go? I know my self-publishing mentor, Andy Lockwood, survived.  Check out his previous NaNo spawn here.  How did everyone else fare?

Book I of my NaNoWriMo spawn is here!

Don’t forget to support indie authors this holiday season!



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