Monroe Comic Con This Saturday!



I’m happy to remind you that a huge convention appearance is coming up this Saturday in Monroe, Michigan! There will be 200 tables of comics, art, toys, crafts, cosplay, celebrity guests, panels, and yours truly! I attended Monroe Comic Con last year as a cosplayer and it was great! It was my official first attempt at cosplaying, which makes it my one year anniversary of cosplaying. It feels much longer (especially since I’ve already placed 3rd as Lady Penguin at Redford Comic Con and judged two days of Taylor Town cosplay contests in my first year)!

This year at Monroe Comic Con, I will be cosplaying as a local artist and published author and illustrator of vampire books. 😉 I encourage you to attend the Alloy Ash cosplay panel. I consider her my cosplay fairy godmother. She got me into cosplay after I attended a panel of hers at Motor City Comic Con 2015. I got to met her and thank her for the inspiration at Monroe last year!

In addition to my COSPLAnniversary fast approaching, I must share that today is the two-year anniversary of my first published book, Blood & Alcohol! It is available in paperback from Amazon, Createspace, my Sick Shoppe, and I will have copies at Monroe Comic Con. If you buy my first and second book together, you get 10% off at the show! See you soon!


October 1st

10 am – 7 pm


987 Stewart Rd, Monroe, Michigan 48162



There was something special about this guy, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Maybe she was still reeling from the feed at the bar, but Elend had now been making out with Joel on his couch for almost an hour. She couldn’t remember the last time she acted like such a schoolgirl or had locked lips with a human, but she had no urge to stop.

Joel didn’t really know what he was doing either. He wasn’t in the habit of bringing home women he had just met at bars.

Or bringing home women.

Or meeting women at bars.

Well, not the kind that one would want to bring home, especially not at his local spot.

Joel’s stomach gurgled. He ended up drinking more milk and staying at the bar later than he usually did on a Monday night knowing he had to be back to work in the morning. Staying up late and drinking a ton of milk was an easy sacrifice considering the position he was in now.

Elend could carry on like this indefinitely, never tiring (although she would have to be in bed before the sun came up anyway) but did not wish to impose or overstay her welcome. Why was she so concerned about his well being? She still didn’t know but envied him for his ability to get a few hours of peaceful slumber during the night, in exchange for the enjoyment of warmth in the daylight. Pulling her thoughts back to the present moment she mumbled against his mouth, “don’t you need to get up for work in a few hours?”

Joel tore himself away from her and looked at the digital clock on the bookshelf through desire-clouded and drowsy eyes. “Oh, yeah. It’s okay.” In reality he was glad that she stopped him he thought as he smoothed his hand over his rumpled hair. For one, this whole situation seemed too good to be true. And two, he had absolutely no idea what he was doing with a woman in his apartment or how far to take things. Joel was a gentleman by default because he never had the opportunity to be anything otherwise.

Elend looked at the clock. It was late. If he would be okay with her daysleeping this could work. What was she doing already factoring this man into her life? She still had a few hours to figure it out before she turned in.

She then became distracted by the number of books on Joel’s massive bookshelf covering the wall of his apartment. Awkwardly she said, “I see you like to read, ” and stood up, walking towards the books. The relief Joel felt about Elend ending their little session quickly faded as she left his side. It was the first time he noticed the warm flush he was experiencing, as if an oscillating fan pushing cool air had turned away from him.

Elend ran her finger tip along the bound titles and chose one. Moving back to the far end of the sofa, she curled up and cracked the cover without making eye contact with Joel as he watched her, ignoring her selection. The oscillating fan was aiming at him again. A deep sense of comfort and peace overwhelmed him in the sudden absence of awkwardness.  A welcome and heavy sleepiness eased his head back on the couch cushion and he fell asleep.



He was a gentleman too!

Ashley exited the bar and turned right, heading towards the side of the building. She could feel the presence of his large frame behind her the whole time. She was overwhelmed with a feeling of safety from his nearness. Leaning up against the brick wall, she pulled a lighter out of her jean pocket and lit the cigarette that she had tucked behind her ear. Inhaling deeply she studied Aerik, who was now standing about six feet in front of her. He was much taller than Ashley’s five-foot-seven. He was also rather broad and fit. Neither of which Ashley could claim for herself. She was rather thin, almost appearing malnourished to those who didn’t know better. The stress of being a single mother, working two jobs, and copious amounts of nicotine kept her that way.

While Ashley was busy looking him up and down, Aerik almost forgot he was hungry. He had been happy that the band he was touring with had brought him to this city. It was easier for him to feed here. The abundance of poverty and homelessness made feeding almost like an all-you-can-eat buffet with no one noticing any difference if his victims had fallen ill or died because of it. Of course, it wasn’t the best blood in the world but only slightly worse than the groupies he would feed on in city after city. Being a sessions musician for some of the more popular touring music acts in the country had it’s perks. One could have a selection of women at every stop and didn’t have to worry about jeopardizing the supply or leaving a trail.

“Did you happen to catch our set?” Aerik asked.

“No, actually. I just got here right after you guys finished I guess.”

“Well, if you’re interested, we’re doing another show tomorrow downtown.”

Ashley frowned. “I’ll try and see if I can make it out.” She wasn’t sure if she would be able to find a babysitter on such short notice. Her social life was next to nil for the 26-year-old but she wasn’t ready to disclose why to a man she had just met. Maybe she would come off a little mysterious herself in the presence of the mysterious stranger. “You must really love your job.”

“It puts food on the table, so to speak.” Aerik was being humble. He did love his job. He mastered playing all kinds of instruments over the years. The electric guitar was only a recent invention in the music scene by his timeline. He had vacation homes all over the world. A permanent residence was unbearable to him because life in and of itself was permanent for him. He needed the constant movement, touring, traveling, and change of people and scenery. There was no need to overwhelm or attempt to impress this simple American girl with stories of his lavish lifestyle, at least not yet. Maybe he would see her tomorrow night, maybe not. He hoped he would.

After some additional awkward small talk and Ashley finished her cigarette, the two exchanged phone numbers. A reluctant Ashley called it a night, having to be back at the office early in the morning. The pull she felt towards Aerik, otherwise barely discernible beneath the beer buzz, would have been enough to make her feel physically ill had she been sober. There was a tremendous sense of inertia towards him that was drawing her in, more than just attraction to his looks alone. She was confused. She didn’t want to leave him then but welcomed relief from the frenzy she felt in the core her being upon driving home from the club, the distance growing between them.

Ashley didn’t have time in her busy schedule to entertain such feelings with her quota of responsibilities. She would decide whether or not she wanted to see Aerik again after a good nights sleep. A night’s sleep that wouldn’t amount to much more than tossing and turning.



“I’ve never seen a black man with red hair before.” Ashley spoke first.

Aerik glanced up and to the side. Oh, how many times someone had commented on his looks. “Yes, people are often perplexed by the hair thing,” sighed Aerik.

Again, she addressed the tall man standing alone. “I’m sorry…it’s just, your hair is almost the same shade of red is mine. You mean you didn’t dye it that way?” There was no need to shout as the last rock band had just finished their set.


Ashley took another swig of beer. This guy is truly weird she thought to herself. She could see his green eyes fixed on hers in her peripheral vision.

She didn’t think she was nearly drunk enough to believe this man was born this way, but she had seen worse deformities. Something about him made her lips smile around the top of her beer bottle, and she drew it back to her high-top table along the wall at the darkly light night club.

“I’m Aerik, by the way.”


Again the two of them waited, staring silently at one another. In any other situation the silence and eye contact between herself and this man would have made a very attention deficient Ashley quite uncomfortable. But at this particular moment it was like she couldn’t get enough. Finally after what she thought was more than a few seconds when in reality it was more than a few minutes to any passersby who might have thought they were having a staring contest, she spoke, “Hey I’m going outside to have a cigarette. Do you wanna come?”

“I don’t smoke.” Aerik held her gaze with an expression of ease.

“Would you mind joining me anyway?” On any other night, Ashley would have asked one of the many other people she knew as regulars at the club to come with her. Or would have met and chatted with someone outside. Not only did she have trouble being by herself, she needed to keep this man in her immediate vicinity for as long as possible. He was gorgeous. He must be gay, or married, or laced with STDs. She tried to psych herself out. It had been so long since…

Aerik flashed a grin. “It would be my pleasure.”  



The ice cracked in the glass of Elend’s drink that Joel was watching, waiting for her return. The jukebox was now silent and the bar seemed deserted. Joel glanced around and sighed to himself, “She probably snuck out the back. Who am I kidding? She isn’t coming back. The story of my life. Oh, well.” Joel opened his journal and again began to write.

“Where’d that charming friend of yours go?”

Damn, she had the most melodic voice. Joel got a case of the warm fuzzies in his chest and thought he’d better man up real quick. It was silly of him to let a woman he had just met make him so excited. He also didn’t want to show the surprise and delight he felt that she had returned.  “What took you so long?” He summoned a non-chalant tone. “Did you fall in?”

It took Elend a moment to remember that she was supposedly using the bathroom despite not physically having that sort of urge in centuries. Perhaps the little impromptu snack she had sidetracked her as well. “Oh, heh,” she laughed nervously. “No, I had to make a phone call.”

“That’s interesting. I do too. What is your number, Elend?” Joel paused. He couldn’t figure out where he had suddenly gotten the confidence. Perhaps her return to him was enough to lay it all out on the line. I kind of really want to take you out sometime.”




Her plan that she had made quickly shattered when she exited the bathroom. She picked up the trail of the virgin blood, alcohol, and cigarette smoke immediately. He was nearby. To the right of her was the back door to the bar. He was outside smoking. If he was alone, it wouldn’t hurt to confirm this. It would only take a moment and no mortal, especially a wasted one, would notice her presence if she decided not to kill him.

She glided past the bathroom and kitchen doors, down the back hallway, past a payphone and out the back door. A puff of smoke rose up from behind the dumpster. She could smell him. And with no one else’s scent within his general radius, he was indeed alone.

“Hey baby. I knew I was more your type than-”

Those were the last words spoken when he saw her appear before him.



Elend braced herself on the ceramic bathroom sink and gazed into the mirror. She felt that one of these days if she looked hard enough, she would eventually catch a glimpse of her reflection. She pictured her green eyes, smooth mocha skin, and long pencil straight blonde hair. She pretended she could see herself touching up her lip gloss.

She would be good. She collected herself and had intended to rejoin Joel and his friend if only to say goodbye. She wasn’t even certain why she felt the need to do that, but that is what she decided she should do. And she could handle that. She would hold her breath if she had to. Not that there was even breath inside her to breathe in a living sense.



“Excuse me, gentlemen. I need to use the little girls’ room.”

“By all means, sweetheart. May I have another drink ready for when you come back?” slurred Rob.

“Sure, thanks. But my name’s not sweetheart.” Joel could have sworn he saw the angel float right up off the stool and around his embarrassment of a friend from his past in one swift movement. He sunk his head into his hand, elbow propped up on the bar.

Rob sat down in Elend’s seat. He was too drunk to realize it wasn’t even warm. “Man, are you hitting that?” He put his arm around Joel. “cause if you aren’t. I am. Tonight.” He flashed a glazy-eyed grin.

“Dammit Rob! I don’t see you in years and you come in here and the one time, the one time, I’m actually able to hold onto a conversation with a woman, not to mention an insanely attractive woman, and you have to interrupt me!”

“Woah!” Rob’s jaw hung ajar for a few seconds, “Somebody’s got a case of Jungle Fever…easy brother, I’m ordering her a drink. She’ll be back. What was she having?” He distractedly started looking behind the bar for the bartender, lifting up Elend’s empty glass to sniff the ice. He then licked the edge where a bit of lip gloss remained.

“Rob, I may not have gotten the chance to tell you this in college, but I never liked you. And one would think that you may have matured a little bit in the ten years since then, but I can see that isn’t the case.” Joel, however, had matured in many ways. He would have never been able to express his opinion so assertively a decade ago. Having finished school and becoming a modestly successful accountant, the years had helped eased his introversion slightly.

“A’right dude. You can buy your lady a drink. But you better bang her, Joel. I need a cigarette.” And with that Rob stumbled away.

Sighing, Joel turned back to his journal, cracked it open to see what he had been writing only minutes before, then closed it again and ordered another round for him and the beautiful Elend. Perhaps it was wishful thinking to assume that she should even return. What is so special about me?  He wished he could have disappeared as easily as she had once Rob and wedged himself into their conversation. What a douchebag.