60% OFF Summer Sale


If you missed my DOLLARCON sale on art prints, my next sale for this summer is 60% OFF one-of-a-kind hand-painted trinket boxes!

trinket boxes sale

There are currently only four to choose from at the shoppe: three Dark Shadows styles, and one inspired by Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl! There is also a secret hidden Magnum P.I. one floating around. You may have seen it at shows. If you are interested in that one, please contact me directly at: thesickrosevampires@gmail.com

Once these boxes are sold, they are gone!

If any are still available by Ypsilanti Comic Con, I will honor the sale price at the show. However, I cannot guarantee there will be any left by then. If you are interested in ordering one to pick up at the con please contact me directly at: thesickrosevampires@gmail.com Let me know which one you want, and I can reserve it for you and take it down from the web store.


If you are in SE Michigan, Keep Cool and Carry On! Fall is going to feel especially good this year. I hear stores are already stocking Halloween stuff. Leave a comment if you’ve seen some by you!

Taylor Town Comic Con


If you missed “The Big Show” this past weekend at the Taylor Town Trade Center in Taylor, Michigan, you missed a lot of fun! I was not tabling at this two day event hosted by yourcomiccon.com’s John Kalel, but I made it out Saturday to cosplay Lady Penguin with some of my friends as Batman villains and compete in the cosplay contest. The Rogues Gallery ended up getting in on this awesome DC Universe group photo after the contest.

dc cosplayers

Photo courtesy of Nathan Hays

A full write-up on the convention including three more photos of my Lady Penguin cosplay by Dark Knight News can be seen here.

If you weren’t able to make Taylor Town Comic Con, John’s next show is Ypsilanti Comic Con on September 24! I will be back behind the vendor’s table selling and signing books and art. If you’ve been holding out on attending one of the yourcomiccon.com shows, now’s the time to join us. Tickets are only $3! This will be a smaller scale one-day show packed with comics, art, toys, and cosplay. There’s a reason why I still go to all of John’s shows even when I’m not tabling. It’s called FUN! See for yourself! RSVP on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/258091981249189/


I’ve also just uploaded a new promo video for The Sick Rose Vampires. It follows the journey of Elend Arcana so far in the series. All music is written and performed by yours truly! I hope you like it!

Bird is the Word

Ian Smith of Weekly Entertainment TV

Still by Ian Smith of Weekly Entertainment TV

I was jealous of my best friend Meghan at 4th grade recess. We would play “Batman” on the playground based off the old Adam West reruns, and she always got to be Catwoman as she supplied her own cat ears.  She graciously lent me a rubber toucan nose with an elastic string attached and said I could be Penguin. So I ended up carrying an extra straw with me from the school cafeteria and perfecting Burgess Meredith’s evil laugh/quack at the age of 9 or 10.

Meanwhile behind the umbrella factory…

Fast forward about 23 years later and I am winning third prize with my boyfriend as Lady Penguin and Catman at the Redford Comic Con Cosplay Contest! This was my second go at cosplay and my first time entering a contest for it. Why Lady Penguin? As you can see, it has nostalgia attached to it. I was able to modify my Zatanna costume and use it again. Most of both costumes were items I already owned (including a rhinestone studded cigarette holder thanks to a two decade long obsession with Audrey Hepburn).  It was also great for a gender-swapped villainous duo cosplay. And I like purple! 🙂

This was just the beginning to an epic bird-themed weekend of fun! But while we’re talking Batman ’66, allow me to mention that Franchi’s Radio Funhouse also premiered on Saturday (the same day as the con). This may be part of the reason why I was a little late (it was) because I was listening to hear how to win a complete DVD set of the Batman ’66 TV Series. It could not have been more appropriate listening to the show while I was getting ready. It’s a new radio show hosted by Christopher Franchi featuring my friend Lizmo as co-host.  They talk comics, horror, movies, collectibles and all things geeky. Please follow their radio show page on facebook!

Franchi's Radio Fun House

Franchi’s Radio Fun House

I had a legitimate reason to be late to Redford Comic Con (my winning the DVDs is TBD), and I was still able to enter the cosplay contest and pick up a nice little haul of goodies. I took a chance on one of those little Funko mystery boxes with the vinyl figure inside and ended up with this tiny surprise, foreshadowing an upcoming costume. Too cute and perfect! You’ll have to wait to find out what the costume is! Redford had a nice local, smaller-scale, affordable and FUN con. I would like to become involved with them as an exhibitor in the future.

After the con, it was off the meet legendary film actress Tippi Hedren, star of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” and “Marnie.” I attended a VIP dessert with her at Redford Theater where I ate wayyy too many sweets and got to hear her talk about her experience working with Alfred Hitchcock and all the humanitarian work she has devoted her life to. What and amazing and stunningly beautiful human-being inside and out. It was a pleasure to get to sit with her and chat about “Marnie”. She signed my two DVDs and took a picture with me. 

The VIP Dessert ticket included an 8×10 signed glossy and entry into Saturday night’s showing of “Marnie” and Friday or Sunday’s showing of “The Birds.” Tippi was present at all movies to talk about the films before they started and during intermission. I enjoyed the Sunday afternoon viewing of “The Birds”. It was the perfect way to wrap up my exciting weekend!

With all this fun going on, I’m beginning to accept the postponing of the release of Skin of the Night. With Halloween being basically my Christmas I am SO busy right now. I put my first round of orders in for items that will be available for purchase at ComiqueCon next month. This may be my only book signing for 2015 and also the debut of my line of geeky original fan art merchandise. Please come out and support me and also be a part of making history: this is the first ever comic book convention devoted to women comic book creators! I am honored to be a part of such an elite event and grateful it is so close to home. Mark your calendars! I will be posting more details and also what I’m bringing soon!