Happy Fangsgiving 2014



I have so much to be thankful for this year.  Getting Blood & Alcohol published was a huge milestone for me and would not have been possible without the incredible support from family, friends, and fans over the past two years.  The following is a list of organizations, mentors, proofreaders, and editors that got me to my goal:

OpenOffice.org Writer


NaNoWriMo 2012

Camp Nanowrimo May and July 2013

Jill Blust

Anthony Drummond

Loretta Friend

Christopher Hart

Andy Lockwood

Ashley Lyon

Jamar McRae

Verlon Murray

And most especially my Mom

I also want to thank everyone who has bought my book, which has helped to support my cat Colby who was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease this summer.  I am so thankful that I get to wake up and see his sweet face looking back at me this morning.  It brings a smile to my face.


I am also thankful to my fans from all over the country who volunteered to be models for my advertisement, wrote amazing reviews on amazon, and came out to support me at my first book signing.  I’m looking forward to seeing some of you Sunday at the X-trava Con comic book show and book signing!

I have had a bit of a stressful week, but the books have arrived for the show and I’m ready to have some fun!  I hope everyone takes a moment to just breathe and find the things they are grateful for today and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

DrawMo Week One


Inktober has come to a close.  NaNoWriMo week one is over without me.  I’ve been involved in a self-imposed “DrawMo” instead.  I haven’t made my goal of doing a drawing per day as I had intended, but I have done more drawing in a week since before my book wrapped.  I haven’t gotten into doing any sketches for my next book yet.  I have been using the time to practice using Christopher Hart’s book, Manga Mania: Occult and Horror and daily drawing assignments from @Sketch_Dailies on twitter.  I would like to share with you my DrawMo drawings from this past week.

lost boys

“Urban Vampire” from Manga Mania: Occult & Horror

glamour vampire w bg

“Glamour Vampire” from Manga Mania: Occult & Horror

the mask small

#THEMASK @Sketch_Dailies


Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask

I used a combination of markers and crayons, especially for the last one.  I still can’t find my nice Prismacolor colored-pencils, or fancy expensive markers from college.  As new art supplies are not in my budget right now, I’ve been working with what I have.  I love to color and the crayons offer more color choices than the small set of markers I own and are good for blending.

Don’t forget three weeks from tomorrow is My Book Signing.  I’m debating whether or not to have prints of some of my drawings for sale in addition to my book.  I haven’t been too pleased with the quality of prints I’ve done in the past, so if you have any recommendations of a company to go through please let me know!

Contest Entry


Here is my finished entry for the Christopher Hart Contest #4:

I think it took about 4.5 hours to complete all three drawings and upload them to the computer.  The 3/4 turn was definitely the hardest!  I have enjoyed working with the markers, but it is more time consuming than using the computer.  I will post any feedback I get from my drawing after the contest has ended.

Another one of my favorite Arcana tracks.

Mysterious Mourner in the Swiss Renaissance


I felt like catching up on some coloring and also wanted to try to sketch someone different from The Sick Rose story.

Human or Vampire?

A male figure wears a long-sleeved robe worn by mourners at funerals in the 16th century.  The hood pulled over the face was separate and often had a long liripipe (I had to look it up so that I knew how to draw it).  This will be worn by one of the main characters of my story, who has yet to be introduced on the blog.  Remember that Chapter One has already been posted!  I may be adding an illustration here or there to complete it.

Here is another example of a drawing I did out of one of Christopher Hart’s books with coloring on the computer and color done by hand so you can see the difference.

Paint.net vs. hand coloring

I thought I would try hand coloring the illustrations instead of using the computer.  I had hoped that it would be easier and offer me more control doing it the old-school way, which in turn would help me update the blog faster.  The paper and some of the markers I’m currently using aren’t of the greatest quality, and my assortment of marker colors is limited.  Coloring by hand will require more practice on my part as well.

The Sick Rose Chapter One Playlist