And The Winner Is…



 ***NIKKI M.***

Congratulations! You won all this stuff!

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway. If you missed this one, don’t despair. I’m planning two more prize package giveaways before the year is up. You’re going to have to wait and see what they are!

I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween!


And if you’re doing NaNoWriMo this year, good luck! I’ll be once again trying to do the 30 Day Plank Challenge. ūüėõ

ComiqueCon This Saturday!


Come be a part of the first ever comic book convention highlighting the talents of women comic book creators! I am so excited and honored to be an exhibitor!

I will COMING SOON SIGNbe signing copies of Blood & Alcohol, promoting the next book, Skin of the Night, and premiering the new line of Sick Shoppe merchandise featuring my original geeky fan art. You may see a list of items that will be available here. I will also be bringing my one-of-a-kind Barnabas Collins trinket boxes to the show.

General admission to all ComiqueCon panels / workshops (depending on space availability), exhibitor room, and full access to the Arab American National Museum galleries. Cosplay / fancy dress encouraged! 

Sat Nov 7th 10:00am – 5:00pm

Advance General Admission Tickets $10.00 Advance pricing ends on Thursday, November 4th at midnight.
TICKETS ARE $15.00 at the door

Friday night, November 6th, there is a VIP meet and greet with buffet dinner at Green Brain Comics on Michigan Ave. in Dearborn¬†8:00pm – 10:30pm . There are¬†a limited number of tickets for an exclusive VIP party at Green Brain Comics the night before ComiqueCon. ALL of ComiqueCon’s featured guests will be present for mingling, the store will be open for business exclusively for ticket holders, and a Mediterranean buffet dinner will be served. Cosplay / fancy dress encouraged! As of now I am going as Doctor Doom. Please purchase tickets for the VIP event at

The Detroit Free Press wrote a great article about ComiqueCon, talking about how and why it came to be, the featured guests, and some of the days events. Check it out!

RSVP on my facebook event page here!

sick shoppeHalloween may be over, but I will still be celebrating the vampire this weekend at ComiqueCon. The publishing date of my next book has been pushed back because I’ve been running around getting things ready for the show. With the new offerings and updated table display, I think my fans will be pleased.¬†Hopefully,¬†I’ll make some new ones!

Best of luck to this year’s NaNoWriMo particiapants!


Book Signing and DrawMo November Recap


November was a great month for me!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the X-trava Con Comic Book & Toy Show and took¬†advantage of the $8 “Black Sunday” special on my book! ¬†We had a great time and I made some new friends. ¬†Welcome to my new readers Fran, Betty, Troy, Jody, Duane, Terry, and Mark (I am pleased to now say I have an international fan)! ūüôā I would also like to give a shout out to Roger from The Collector’s Zone in Jackson, MI. ¬†Although I do not plan on having a table for the month of December, I may still come to hang out. ¬†There was also a vendor interested in purchasing some original artwork of mine. ¬†I do plan on doing the big show in May.

DrawMo, my self-imposed month of drawing as an alternative to NaNoWriMo, wasn’t as productive as I would have hoped. ¬†It started off fairly strong, but then all that drawing energy went into planning for my book signing and playing Zelda. ¬†:/ ¬†oops! ¬†It’s okay. ¬†My favorite drawing for the month would have to be my Hulk. ¬†I modeled him after a manga style sumo wrestler (but put him on a diet). ¬†I would like to try more superheros in the future.

hulk small

More and more people are asking when Book II of The Sick Rose Vampires is coming out. ¬†I am tentatively and vaguely saying “early 2015” because I have a lot of drawing to do. ¬†January, February, March?

How did everyone’s NaNoWriMo go? I know my self-publishing mentor, Andy Lockwood, survived. ¬†Check out his previous NaNo spawn here. ¬†How did everyone else fare?

Book I of my NaNoWriMo spawn is here!

Don’t forget to support indie authors this holiday season!


Happy Fangsgiving 2014



I have so much to be thankful for this year.  Getting Blood & Alcohol published was a huge milestone for me and would not have been possible without the incredible support from family, friends, and fans over the past two years.  The following is a list of organizations, mentors, proofreaders, and editors that got me to my goal: Writer

NaNoWriMo 2012

Camp Nanowrimo May and July 2013

Jill Blust

Anthony Drummond

Loretta Friend

Christopher Hart

Andy Lockwood

Ashley Lyon

Jamar McRae

Verlon Murray

And most especially my Mom

I also want to thank everyone who has bought my book, which has helped to support my cat Colby who was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease this summer.  I am so thankful that I get to wake up and see his sweet face looking back at me this morning.  It brings a smile to my face.


I am also thankful to my¬†fans from all over the country who volunteered to be models for my advertisement, wrote amazing reviews on amazon, and came¬†out to support me at my first book signing. ¬†I’m looking forward to seeing some of you Sunday at the X-trava Con comic book show and book signing!

I have had a bit of a stressful week, but the books have arrived for the show and I’m ready to have some fun! ¬†I hope everyone takes a moment to just breathe and find the things they are grateful for today and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

“Blood & Alcohol” $8 Book Show Price Black Sunday


Two weeks away! Blood & Alcohol’s special Black Sunday book price is revealed! Only at the show can you get this deal! Please RSVP even if you’re a maybe so I know how many books to order! Now is the time to pick up your book or get it signed! If you already got your book, come hang out, get it signed, pick up a copy for a friend. Makes a great gift for folks who love vampires, comics, manga, awesomeness. Support local!

xtravacon ad small 8bux

RSVP on facebook

Sunday, November 30
at 10:00am ‚Äď 4:00pm
19801 Farmington Rd, Livonia, Michigan 48152
Admission: $3
This is a smaller scale show by the same people who bring you Motor City Comic Con every year! I’m doing a book signing for my fans here who are local and don’t want to pay the big money to get into the big show in May. Please come visit me and pick up my book, or bring yours and get it signed!
If you‚Äôre a facebook user, feel free to RSVP and ‚Äúlike‚ÄĚ my page (if you haven‚Äôt already)¬†HERE!

The Sick Rose Vampires Book I: Blood & Alcohol
Available now at CreateSpace eStore:
Read the reviews on Amazon:

“DrawMo” was a bust this past week. ¬†Not a lot of activity from me online. ¬†But I did spend some time painting with acrylics and doing paper crafts with third graders and on my own. ¬†Below you can see the “monster envelope” I made after watching a kids Halloween craft DVD. ¬†Considering modifying it to make it into a Santa face for mailing letters to Santa.

monster envelope

It would also look super cute with vampire teeth I think! ¬†ūüėČ

DrawMo Week One


Inktober has come to a close. ¬†NaNoWriMo week one is over without me. ¬†I’ve been involved in a self-imposed “DrawMo” instead. ¬†I haven’t made my goal of doing a drawing per day as I had intended, but I have done more drawing in a¬†week since before my book wrapped. ¬†I haven’t gotten into doing any sketches for my next book yet. ¬†I have been using the time to practice using Christopher Hart’s book, Manga Mania: Occult and Horror and daily drawing assignments from @Sketch_Dailies¬†on twitter. ¬†I would like to share with you my DrawMo drawings from this past week.

lost boys

“Urban Vampire” from Manga Mania: Occult & Horror

glamour vampire w bg

“Glamour Vampire”¬†from Manga Mania: Occult & Horror

the mask small

#THEMASK @Sketch_Dailies


Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask

I used a combination of markers and crayons, especially for the last one. ¬†I still can’t find my nice Prismacolor colored-pencils, or fancy expensive markers from college. ¬†As new art supplies are not in my budget right now, I’ve been working with what I have. ¬†I love to color and the crayons offer more color choices than the small set of markers I own and are good for blending.

Don’t forget three weeks from tomorrow is My Book Signing. ¬†I’m debating whether or not to have prints of some of my drawings for sale in addition to my book. ¬†I haven’t been too pleased with the quality of prints I’ve done in the past, so if you have any recommendations of a company to go through please let me know!

Why I’m Not Doing NaNoWriMo Yet Again This Year (But Why You Should)


The most common question I get regarding my self-published graphic novella is “how long did it take you?” ¬†That’s kind of an awkward question for me to answer because the book is only 32 pages long. ¬†My reply is “two years”. ¬†If I wanted to, I could even go back and say “four years” because that is when I originally got the idea for the story. ¬†But I didn’t start my heavy writing until NaNoWriMo 2012 and ended up with what is now enough material for a 200+ page novel. ¬†In the span of two years time and a couple of Camp Nanowrimos later, I’ve gone back and forth between keeping The Sick Rose an online graphic series or publishing it as a novel. ¬†Eventually I came to the conclusion to release it in paperback chapter by chapter, or book by book, because the drawings for the first book were already half done in the online graphic version.

If you have been thinking about ever writing a novel, I strongly recommend participating in NaNoWriMo. ¬†Saying that my participating in it two years ago changed my life is a bit of an understatement. ¬†I’m now a self-published author and illustrator. ¬†NaNo taught me that I can be a writer, that really anyone can. ¬†NaNoWriMo separates the “men from the boys” so to speak; but not so much in that it takes some remarkable skill to be able to do it. ¬†It is in the doing it that makes a person a success. ¬†I went in almost blind. ¬†I had done no research, I had no outline or my characters fully figured out. ¬†The story evolved with me and through the process of writing. ¬†Because of it, I am now sitting on enough content¬†to release several more books in paperback.

My NaNoWriMo spawn

CreateSpace eStore:

This is why I will not be participating again this year. ¬†I couldn’t last year because I was still trying to revise and figure out what I was doing with The Sick Rose. ¬†I have to keep my focus on working on Book II of The Sick Rose Vampires “Skin of the Night” because my fans want it. ¬†So I am going to take my NaNoWriMo time and devote it to cranking out drawings, the way it helped me to crank out words. ¬†I’m going to do a drawing a day for the month of November, book related or not, just to get and keep me drawing. ¬†I looked around online and found that people have done this before, but there is nothing officially scheduled for November. ¬†So I will be doing my own DrawMo in a couple days. ¬†I already hopped on the end of #inktober on twitter after having taken a month off from The Sick Rose to promote the book.

You’ll see me and my DrawMo work poking around social media. ¬†I hope everyone participating in NaNoWriMo this year makes it great! ¬†Best wishes! Get on it! (You’re ready.)