Dark Shadows, Magnum PI, Mad Max and Motor City Comic Con


Your inner child just pooped the pants.

First of all, the DARK SHADOWS series binge is already in full swing on the new Decades TV Network.  For the past
few months the station has been featuring back to back episodes of popular old TV shows.  They have selected a handful of episodes of the gothic soap opera Dark Shadows for us to binge on until Saturday May 16th at 2pm.  The binge started last night at 6pm starting with episode 210, where Barnabas the vampire first came on the scene.  I’m not sure what episode that will get us to come Saturday, but I once read that a man completed the entire series of 1,200+ episodes in two weeks! (Of course, minus commercials.)  The next series Decades will be marathon-ing is The Twilight Zone! (Goodie!) 🙂

I finally finished up my series of Magnum PI chibis. I may make some tweaks to the final layout of the gang, my ultimate goal being to get the design on a T shirt.

magnum gang SMALL

lord-humongous-colorIn addition to the Dark Shadows marathon, two more exciting things are happening this weekend!  Mad Max: Fury Road premieres and the Motor City Comic Con is happening Friday-Sunday in Novi, Michigan!  Although I was unable to attend Comic Con this year as part of their Artist Alley, I do plan on being in attendance for the first time as an attendee.  These are the same folks who hosted the X-trava Con Comic Book & Toy shows where I have done book signings on two occasions.  Looking forward to also seeing the new Mad Max movie, given it seems to lean heavily on The Road Warrior (my favorite of the franchise) and features girl-crush Charlize Theron. Mayhaps there will be more Mad Max fan art in my future?

And while we’re at it, might I add that the new season of The Bachelorette premiers on Monday? I mean how often does one have an opportunity to share a mashup meme based on Mad Max and the last crazy epic season of The Bachelor?

bachelor thunderdome

As far as The Sick Rose Vampires goes…the writing for Book II is selected and a couple of the illustrations are done, but beyond that we are definitely running behind schedule.  Stay tuned for updates.  In the meantime, don’t forget to pick up Blood & Alcohol *currently TWO BUCKS OFF on Amazon* for an introduction to the main characters before we get into some vigilante justice! 😉

2014: The Year of Blood & Alcohol and New Year’s Giveaway


2014 was a great year for The Sick Rose Vampires.  Book I: Blood & Alcohol was published in paperback and made available on Amazon.com where it received rave reviews!

It is currently on sale at amazon.com for 13% off and qualifies for their free shipping program!

I did two book signings at X-trava Con Comic Book & Toy Show for my local fans and made some new ones.

I donated copies of my book to libraries.

I volunteered at a local elementary school art class to share my passion for art and encourage youngsters.  I showed them some of my kid friendly drawings!

hulk small

Kids love superheros!

Taking a break from starting the illustrations for Book II, I did a lot of practice drawings and expanded my portfolio.  I am looking to reopen my online store in 2015.  It will carry some of my new designs as T-shirts.  Stay tuned for available sizes and pricing!

ladies shirt

Fear and Loathing in Hyrule!

And to think that all of this happened in the last few months of 2014!  I have big plans for 2015!  In addition to reopening the store, I will do the illustrations, edit, and publish Book II, and participate in Motor City Comic Con in May.

########## GIVEAWAY TIME! ##########

To celebrate a successful 2014, I would like to do another giveaway.  For this one, all you have to do is bring me a new fan.  This is another “Bite Your Friend” style contest:

1. You must be a fan of my facebook page, a twitter follower, and/or a blog subscriber to qualify.

2. You send me a new fan via any of the above social media.  They “like” and/or “follow” me on any or all of the above social media sites and they tell me who sent them (your name).

3. Both you and your friend are entered to win an autographed copy of The Sick Rose Vampires: Blood & Alcohol!!!

4. Easy-peasy…but ask me if you have questions.  I will pick the winners on January 1, 2015.

Let’s get me to 200 fans when I start drawing for Book II: Skin of the Night in 2015!

Happy New Year and Happy “Biting”!

The Sick Shoppe To Close November 1st



My storenvy shop will be closing indefinitely on November 1st.  If there were any items that you were wanting to buy before, now is the time to do it!  I will be deciding which of the items to discontinue and perhaps launching new designs in the future.

Black Rose Tee



Thanks to the folks who have already supported my work through purchasing at the shop.  I am still working behind the scenes on The Sick Rose novel and have an idea to do a print version of the web comic.  Stay tuned!