Book Show and DrawMo: One Week Countdown


One week away!

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I will also be submitting a copy of Blood & Alcohol as a door prize.  Raffle ticket included with admission!  I would be happy to sign a copy of my book for you and a friend!  It makes a great personalized gift! 🙂  What better place to hang out on a crazy shopping weekend.  Stay away from the malls.

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Sunday, November 30
at 10:00am – 4:00pm
19801 Farmington Rd, Livonia, Michigan 48152
Admission: $3
This is a smaller scale show by the same people who bring you Motor City Comic Con every year! I’m doing a book signing for my fans here who are local and don’t want to pay the big money to get into the big show in May. Please come visit me and pick up my book, or bring yours and get it signed!
If you’re a facebook user, feel free to RSVP and “like” my page (if you haven’t already) HERE!

The Sick Rose Vampires Book I: Blood & Alcohol
Available now at CreateSpace eStore:
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My month of “DrawMo” has turned into “DrawLess”.  I’ve been busy promoting and getting things ready for my book signing and haven’t been drawing as much.  The one drawing I did do this week I am quite proud of.  I told one of the third grade students in the class I was volunteering for that I would draw my favorite, The Incredible Hulk.  Not too bad for my first superhero.

hulk small

Okay, okay…I’ve also been playing A LOT of Majora’s Mask this weekend.  Because I am obsessed, I will show you again the Skull Kid I did earlier this month.  First, you can see what it looked like before I colored it in.




All done!

See you next weekend!